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Meet the Brain Behind Xigma Concepts

Floryselle Lafradez

A podcast host, e-commerce brand owner, and someone who’s passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and branding.

She believes that every business should create a compelling narrative about their products and services, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and become an essential part of people’s lives, motivating them to share their experiences with others.

As an innovative thought leader, Floryselle is committed to the notion that meaningful relationships are nurtured over time and that marketing should incorporate more human elements.  



How We Roll at Xigma Concepts

Let's start here.


We will collaborate to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.

This involves understanding your needs, conducting research, and formulating a comprehensive plan.



After defining our strategies, the execution phase will involve implementing the recommended tactics and activities outlined in the strategic plan



We’ll then focus on expanding the success achieved during the execution phase and maximizing results for your brand. This step involves leveraging successful strategies & optimizing processes.

What working with us feels like

Floryselle has an awesome personality and I loved working with her on some projects. She is talented, creates something out of nothing and her results are above expectations.

Joseph O.

Floryselle has been super kind offering her help with our brand new shopify design store. She has given us just the feedback that we needed. Based on her impressive experience, she quickly pointed out things that are alright and highlighted the ones that needed to be improved, confirming our suspicions why our store has not been converting as expected. She kindly did a video review and offered her insights which are invaluable for a small, new business like ours. I can only recommend her services. I will surely contact her again to further consult on improving our store!

Orsolya C.

I met Floryselle, is my go-to person for all things about e-commerce and Shopify! She’s got this amazing confidence and knows exactly what to do. My experience with her was fantastic – she’s not just good at advising, she makes it all seem so simple. If you want someone reliable and skilled, Floryselle is the one! 

Naomi F.

Taking your business anywhere you can imagine.

At the end of the day, people are the core of every business. Meaningful relationships cannot be built through pushy ads or traditional marketing approaches, but rather through trust, care, and time invested.